DEAF.com is MSM Productions’ portal Website, offering a variety of features and exciting, well-designed sites. Several sites have already been launched and will relaunch after we upgrade our looks, including Deaf People (featuring tile galleries and capsule biographies of notable historical and contemporary Deaf people and hearing allies), the Dummy Hoy Homeplate, educating readers about the career and life of a colorful 19th-century major-leaguer, and Cochlear War, giving a Deaf Community perspective on the cochlear-implant controversy.

Deaf Life is an independent slick-format monthly magazine focusing on Deaf issues, events, newsmakers, history, and controversial topics. The emphasis is on quality, originality, and the lively interchange of views.

Deaf Life Press is MSM Productions’ publishing subsidiary. Several books have already been published under the Deaf Life Press imprint, all with an emphasis on quality. Deaf Life Press’ best-selling title is For Hearing People Only. The first two volumes of Beyond ASL have been published. Deaf Reality 101, a compact handbook to the Deaf Community, is Deaf Life Press's newest book.

Deaf Life Honors is planned as the Deaf Community's top awards program. Awards are to be given in a number of categories, honoring achievers in a spectrum of fields and endeavors.

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