Media Releases


July 1987
DEAF LIFE Magazine is “colorful” beginning for MSM Productions

September 1992
For Hearing People Only published

April 1994
Meeting Halfway in ASL published
Press-conference invitation & back-cover blurb

December 1996
St. Michael’s Fall published

August 1996
Great Deaf Americans: The Second Edition published

October 1997
On His Deafness & Other Melodies Unheard published

Book flyer

January 1998
A dash of enlightenment
For Hearing People Only (2nd edition, 7th printing)

February 26, 1998 now open

March 1998
Maverick publisher recognized

May 1998
Chat with Miss Deaf America

July 1998
Ten years of DEAF LIFE!

January 1999
No mishmash, no jargon—just the answers
For Hearing People Only (2nd edition, 8th printing)

July 1999 is now online!

October 1999
Why GDA-2 is good for your ASL class

November 1999 launched

November 14, 1999
Deaf Sports hero gets a Website (

February 26, 2000 now open

March 20, 2000 revamped

June 9, 2000 kicks off

June 12, 2000
A boost for ASLTA

January 15, 2001
A new affiliation for Hoy Committee

February 12, 2001 hits 3,000 mark

March 10, 2001
ISD honors a dynamic alumnus

October 9, 2002
Zooming towards Indianapolis
(Second National Professional Development Conference for ASLTA)

October 17, 2002
“Our turn to be heard”: launches

Winter 2002
Coming up: For Hearing People Only: Third Edition

April 5, 2003
All revved up for Indy
(Second National Professional Development Conference for ASLTA)

April 5, 2003
Silent Auction Gala: what’s your bid?

February 1, 2005
HPO-3 enters fourth printing

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