MSM Productions, Ltd., is a small, independent multimedia company whose motto is “Making the world a better place for the next Deaf generation—and for Deaf people now.” It was founded in 1983 by Matthew S. Moore, a Deaf alumnus of Rochester Institute of Technology. Its flagship publication, DEAF LIFE, is a slick-format monthly magazine focusing on news, issues, events, and personalities. MSM Productions’ 30th anniversary was commemorated in the July 2014 issue; DEAF LIFE published its 250th issue in October 2016.

Deaf Life Press, MSM Productions’ imprint, publishes high-quality books on Deaf issues and by Deaf authors. The fourth edition of For Hearing People Only is available. Other Deaf Life Press titles include a new series, Beyond ASL, for intermediate and advanced classes; the first two volumes have been published. Deaf Reality 101, an introduction to the Deaf Community and Deaf-related issues, especially for casual readers and students taking noncredit community-colleges classes, is Deaf Life Press's newest book. Upcoming projects include the first full-length biography of William Ellsworth “Dummy” Hoy, the early deaf major-league baseball player, and a new collective biography.

MSM Productions has expanded into the Internet. Its first Website,, was launched in Fall 1997, and is being launched, site by site. It’s planned as a major one-stop source of information about the Deaf community, with resources, news, profiles, and other useful features.

Making the world a better place
for the next Deaf generation—
and for Deaf people now

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